"Kathleen has worked tirelessly these past few years and she has championed children, first and foremost children, and what benefits them and what is best for them."

- Yara Cheikh, Parent Advocate, Friends of Dulaney, Towson Families United

"Kathleen Causey's mission is clear: to provide students, their families, and all of Baltimore County's stakeholders with a world-class, 21st century public education system built on integrity and transparency. Thank you, on behalf of Maryland, for your outstanding work on the Board. Once elected, I know that you will continue to advocate for what is right and make the system work better for students, families, teachers and residents."

- Peter Franchot, Maryland Comptroller


"Kathleen is smart, independent, articulate, the hardest working member I have seen, and more importantly, she's an advocate. The governor made a fantastic appointment. Kathleen has been a great school board member, and I fully support her election to the School Board."

-Jim Brochin, State Senator


"Kathleen is fighting for what is right....each and every day...for you to have our school system accountable, and it's not an easy task."

-Wade Kach, Baltimore County Councilman, 3rd District


"I am pleased to endorse Kathleen Causey for the County School Board. Working together to ensure a bright future for Baltimore County."

- Chris West, State Delegate


“The Baltimore County School Board is failing our children by not providing adequate oversight on School Administration. We need strong leadership on the School Board to set a course correction. Kathleen has provided a strong leadership voice in the past, although she has too frequently been outvoted by an ineffective Board majority.  It is essential that Kathleen be returned to the School Board to continue to provide a voice of reason. I am happy to support her and help her cause in any way I can.”

~John Egan, Baltimore County District 3 Board of Education Candidate


"As a 13 year veteran teacher and TABCO member, I know that the road to success for our kids is not digital – it is through a teacher.  Research has and likely always will conclude that the single most important factor to student achievement is the teacher in the classroom.  Veteran teachers know this and understand that the most significant thing we can do to help our kids achieve is to develop direct relationships with them. This takes time. Unfortunately, with state and county mandates constantly coming at us, time is a commodity that continues to be chiseled away.  This is why I am voting for Kathleen Causey for the BCPS Board of Education. Every step of the way during Kathleen’s tenure as a board member she has pushed back on inefficient technology spending and consistently voted to increase funding for additional teachers in the classroom.

Throughout my years as a teacher I have developed great relationships with students, parents, politicians, and business leaders.  The consistent theme of all of my conversations with them has been that teachers need more supports.  If you really believe this, now is the time to act and vote for Kathleen Causey for BCPS Board of Education.

- Patrick Holt, Teacher/Business Education Department Chair Dulaney High School


"Kathleen Causey is a fierce advocate for our students, teachers and parents on behalf of Baltimore County Public Schools. She is thoughtful, articulate and is so well prepared on the issues that confront BCPS. Kathleen has the integrity, experience and dedication we look for in a leader for such an important role. I wholeheartedly support her election to the School Board."

- Shohreh A. Kaynama, Ph.D., Towson Resident


"Much work is needed to correct the improprieties of the Dance administration, and after three years of serving on the board, Kathleen Causey knows all of its moving parts. Her opponent for the district 3 seat on the Board is unable to speak at length on the current 'hot button' education issues in Baltimore County (laptop initiative, discipline, special education, teacher workload, grading & reporting procedures, etc.) and does not bring the insight, background, or vision that these two women do. I'm retired from 34 years of teaching in BCPS. Until grandkids are my reason, it's empathy for colleagues still in the trenches that motivates me to post. I carried that TABCO voting guide into the voting booth with me for decades, but now know it's important to do research, candidate to candidate."

-Retired Baltimore County Teacher


"Growing up, my parents placed a strong emphasis on education and giving back to the community. I received an excellent public education at Hereford High School, another at the University of Maryland and will be continuing my education at medical school next year. I'm proud that my mom is running for Baltimore County Board of Education to help shape our education system for other students.

-Erin Causey, Kathleen’s daughter


"I've been impressed by the independence that Kathleen Causey has exhibited while serving on the School Board. Be it the school construction program, the use of computers or the discussions concerning the superintendent, she brings a level of oversight that is much needed. Given the billions of dollars that are spent on education, the taxpayers need people like Kathleen on the Board."

- Eric Rockel, Long-time Community Leader, Timonium Area


"Aristotle once said 'Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.'  I’d like to think that our children are not just learning Math and English, but also about what is at the heart of education. If our Board of Education is represented by people with ethics violations such as Dallas Dance, what does this say to our children?  What examples are we setting? Going forward I believe we need a clean slate.  And it starts on June 26, 2018, election day, with Kathleen Causey.

In order for our children to succeed within the public school system, we need to have members on the Board of Education who actually care about them and our community. So let’s elect people into these positions of power who are willing to 'do the right thing' for all of us, who are willing to make a stand and speak up - who are willing to meet the true needs of students and taxpayers."

- Kathy Shearin, Community Advocate